Why choose Eyewonderlust for eyelash extensions?

I’ve asked this myself too and I’ve come to realise that it is all about trust and who you will be comfortable seeing. Other salons might be cheaper but would you trust the products they are using? Are they cheaper because of the products they use? Or are they cheaper because they have staff and you’re just part of the cattle call on their shift?

This is my own business. My business growth is from delivering what I promise to achieve. If you don’t get what you expected, and I don’t make the effort to make sure you are happy, my business fails. I’d hope that I can build that level of trust with you for you to give me feedback, so I can better it.

If you’re feeling that you can’t go back to a salon and give them feedback and hope they will fix it – you can say you don’t trust them. Why would you then go “under their tweezers” again to get lashed? Your EYES are so important and this is a delicate procedure.