How to tell the difference between a good and a bad set of eyelash extensions

When I first started getting eyelash extensions, it didn’t phase me to think about where I went. I just assumed that because it is such a delicate procedure, every place that said they did eyelash extensions in Melbourne would do a good job. Otherwise…it would just be dangerous and wrong to be offering it as a service.

Well, I assumed wrong. I had my share of really bad, bad and then so so and then good eyelash extensions. Through this journey (to which I am grateful for) I discovered my passion for eyelash extensions and I am grateful I did not lose an eye in my search for a good eyelash extension technician in Melbourne. Here are just some of the stories a few of my clients have shared with me, who have come in with a bad set of eyelash extensions from previous technicians. Hopefully, you’re not experiencing these and if you are… time to look out for another eyelash extension technician!

  1. Eyelash extensions DO NOT HURT. If you are experiencing pain – this is not normal. (PAIN=BAD)
  2. If it hurts to blink – chances are they have stuck extensions to your lid (BAD)
  3. Pulling pain in a small area but went away after you rubbed it – more than one natural lash has been stuck to the extensions and you’ve most likely yanked one of them out (BAD, prematurely pulling out your lash)
  4. Your extensions shouldn’t be twisted after a few days. (BAD, over extended on length and weight for your natural lash)
  5. You should be able to brush through your lash extensions with a mascara spoolie. (BAD – Think of this as your hair. If it’s tangled and you have chewing gum in your hair, you won’t be able to brush through them easily or at all. Same applies for eyelash extensions. If there is an excess of glue clumping all your lashes in a bunch, you won’t be able to brush through them…)
  6. IF your tech says “Don’t EVER get them wet”… back away and be warned. Y(BAD, yes, stay away from moisture the first 7 hours or 24 hours while your lashes are curing but you should be cleaning them with a lash cleanser and brushing them after this period. You need to or this the dirt and oils will harbour bacteria)
  7. Redness that didn’t go away after a few hours and sore to touch (BAD, possibly a retinal bruising from the eyepad and tape cutting into your eye…. This was my personal experience where the tape literally was cutting my ball for the 3 hours I was laying there. Don’t ask me why I didn’t say anyway. I was stupid.)

So there you go. I’m sure there’s more but here are few I dug up from memory and hearing stories that come through the door. Again, I’m grateful I got through this, and I certainly hope you’re not experiencing this from any eyelash extension technician in Melbourne.