How to find your forever eyelash extensions technician

There are so many eyelash extensions technicians popping up in Melbourne, it can take a little time to find your forever eyelash extensions technician.

Like finding a hairdresser, you really have to have the courage to shop around in Melbourne. The sad fact is that I can’t do my own, so I have had to find one for myself too. Here are some of my tips to find one.

1. Google : Type in “Eyelash Extensions Melbourne” – you will see pages and pages of lash techs out there. HOWEVER, honestly, don’t judge their work by their webpages. Some may look professional but are not. Like wise, a simple little page may not be a representation of their amazing work. Judge it by the photos they have on their site. Make sure these are pictures of their work and not just stock photos. Reason I say this, is that when I got my certification, the company actually provided some stock photos for the technician to use on their website. This baffled me a little. But just be aware and check.

2. Instagram : Type in the search #eyelashextensionsmelbourne  So many techs are now on Instagram too and I honestly think this is the best way to look for the work they do BUT also, it will give you a more understanding of the type of person they are. Again, you do want a eyelash extension technician you get along with too.

3. Facebook : Not so much as easy to find I reckon as Instagram. But it’s there and it’s always a good idea to see if any of your friends are connected to one. If they are perfect! Ask for a recommendation and what they think of them.

4. ASK someone who you see have amazing lashes. Literally, your lashes are your technicians best walking billboard! I know some people are a little funny about sharing the details of their eyelash extension technician because they are afraid they may get over booked and not get an appointment for their refills – but this is a great indication if they are the forever type! IF YOU ARE A CLIENT OF MINE AND READING THIS AND YOU ARE NOT SHARING AND CARING…. 😛

Hope you find your forever eyelash extension technician!