8 tips for taking care of your eyelash extensions

You’ve gone and got eyelash extensions! Now what? Taking care of your eyelash extensions is important.

First of all, you probably feel like AMAZEBALLS right?? YAY! I bet now, every time you catch your reflection off the car you GASP at how amazing you look. That feeling never goes. I’ve been getting my eyelashes done now for about 5 years, and that sense of confidence never really goes until it’s time for my refills.

In the first 6-7 hours, we recommend that you keep your new eyelashes away from any exposure to water, steam and sweat. I prefer 12 hours to be cautious, as during this time, the adhesive will cure, creating a bond that hopefully last the life of your natural eyelash. There have been new findings that with some adhesives, you can wash and it is recommended that they do wash the lashes straight away. However, I am yet to fully understand this and have this tested, with the backing of other lash techs for this to be true. Until then – 12 hours.

Once this has passed. Go abouts with your normal beauty regime. Wash your face as you do, clean away your eye make-up daily.

Here are a few other pointers:

  1. Clean your lash line with a foam lash cleanser (every 2-3 days)
  2. Avoid any products where Glycerin is an ingredient as the first few ingredients
  3. Avoid any oil based products
  4. Wash your shampoo and conditioner away and backwards down your back
  5. Be careful not to smear your facial creams around your eye area
  6. Have a wash cloth handy when you’re in the shower to dab your lashes
  7. Avoid using cotton balls/pads/buds near your lash line
  8. Schedule your refill appointments every 2-3 weeks

Now you know why taking care of your eyelash extensions is important. Do not miss the opportunity to give then the care they need.