Do eyelash extensions damage your lashes?

The answer is no.

Eyelash extensions do not damage your lashes if they are applied correctly.

Here are a few things that need to happen for a proper and safe application.

  • Natural eyelashes are isolated (meaning the natural eyelash that is having an extension placed onto needs to be separated from all the other surrounding eyelashes before, the extension is placed and after the extension is placed while the adhesive cures).
  • Correct weight /thickness of lash extension is used (too heavy, the natural lash can snap or can cause the direction of lash growth to drop).
  • The right amount of adhesive is used (too much and it adds weight to the total weight of the eyelash extension on the natural lash and it takes longer to cure and increases the chances the surrounding natural lashes to stick to it creating poor isolation and stickies).