Eyebrow feathering prices in AUD for 2020 – what to expect after the lockdown

Eyebrow feathering prices – AUD $675-$775

COVID-19 has definitely taught us to look at what is important to us and what we can live without. As we were given “Time”, we were able to be more cautious with how we use our time. I don’t know about you but before lockdown, my time was spent being “busy” that I failed to reflect. In lockdown, I had so much time, which became overwhelming because now I felt like I had choices. As the world slowly begins to come out of lockdown, the power of choice is so much stronger, and I want to be more conscious of how to use my time. During this lockdown, I am grateful that I had eyebrow feathering.

During lockdown, it that has helped others people prioritize their time.

One of the many things that came up on my social media feed is the time spent on putting on make-up. Eyebrows in particular featured in many posts as the integral overall look of a persons’ face. I personally have troubles drawing on my eyebrows for those days I have to put on make. In just one hour I spent, I’m trying to figure out what shape I should do, what colour would suit, the size of them and then once I’ve tried drawing them in, I have to figure out how to balance them. After all that, I would be constantly worried if I had drawn them on properly and wondered others would be thinking when it came to my eyebrows. SO MUCH ENERGY WASTED.

This is why I am absolutely grateful that I did eyebrow feathering.

As they were professionally designed by a professional  (i.e someone who designs eyebrows for a living…) I don’t have to worry about the way they look. My feathered eyebrows are natural looking enough to not have any other make up on. Also, this way, I won’t scare my husband when he wakes up next to me. 😊 .  On the days I have to put on a full face make up on like at weddings, the template is there ready for me to just define by simply filling them in with a bit of powder. I cannot imagine what my day-to-day would have been like without them. Learn more about our Eyebrow feathering prices here at Eyewonderlust.

During COVID-19 lockdown, getting ‘pretty’ was not a priority.

Lockdown meant that putting on make up was not a priority but I knew (after brushing my teeth and sometimes hair…) I looked decently presented. Well groomed even, with the slightest of effort.

Eyebrow feathering is semi-permanent make -up, so it will fade out in time.

When that time comes,  I definitely will have them done again. We all the choice to make time for what is more important. Spending time on drawing in my eyebrows is not one of them.