Powder brows Vs Microblading – What are Powder brows and how are they different from Microblading?

What are powder brows?

Eyebrow tattooing is a growing trend. I have many lash clients asking me – what is  Powder Eyebrows and how are they different from microblading. I have had both of the techniques done on my eyebrows so here is my take on them. I have outlined the differences based on the process, the healing process, the outcome and the maintenance involved. The precise prices of these can be determined after a full consultation but you can have a look at the indicative price we charge here.

Powder brows is a technique of eyebrow tattooing. Semi -permanent pigments are implanted into the top layers of the skin to create depth and shade to one’s eyebrows.  A handheld tattoo machine is used to create an ‘airbrushed’ effect as the names suggests. It creates a soft but defined powder like finish to the brows. There are a variety of colour pigments that can be used to create dimensions in the brow. A popular terminology you may have heard of is Ombre brows. This is where the inner parts of the eyebrows are a lighter shade that darken towards the outer tails of the brows.

Powder brows VS Microblading

Eyewonderlust Powder Brows vs Microblading - Microblading vs Powder Brows Image Illustration

There are some distinct difference between powder brows vs microblading.  These differences would include not only the outcome, but also the procedure itself and the required maintenance. The time for the appointment can also vary.

I have had both powder brows and microblading techniques done on my brows. I initially had microblading done first because I wanted natural looking hair strokes on my brows. I naturally don’t have much eyebrow hair, and they are particularly uneven in hair density (it’s because I sleep my side). To create the hair like strokes, there are ‘gaps’ between the pigments which I initially really like. Microblading, created the hair strokes in areas where I needed it and is almost undetectable so they look very natural. As I got used to my bolder eyebrows, I got used to the more defined framing of them that this look was my new ‘natural’, and then felt I was bolder to try Powder brows.

Powder brows creates more of a “make-up” look and so this was a good way to fill in between the gaps of the hair strokes. It also defined the edges of my brows as compared to microblading.

Powder brows VS Microblading – The process

When you are getting microblading, the process uses a manual hand tool. Each single hair stroke is drawn in. The motion of each microbladed hair stroke, is just that. While I had my eyes closed the entire time, I can remember I was imagining every single stroke ‘drawn’ in.

Powder brows on the other hand uses a machine tattoo gun and is totally different. The sound of the machine is more mechanical. I remember when Annie was doing my powder brows, it felt like she was going back and forth over areas like she was colouring in.

Powder brows Vs Microblading – The healing

Eyewonderlust Powder Brows vs Microblading - Powder Brows Effect on Female Brows Before and After ImagePersonally, my healing with powder brows vs microblading was better. Our clients however had a different experience and found it the other way around. The time it took to heal for me, was much shorter with powder brows. Both techniques still ‘break the skin’ to implant pigments so I was still expected to treat them the same as you would an open wound. When you get any sort of eyebrow tattoo, you can expect the shade of the brows to be 3-4 times darker the first weeks after the appointment. My brows healed by creating what looks like a scab and both times, it happened after 2 days. This scab was much darker with microblading than my powder brows. The healing process was pretty much the same up until it was the time for the scabs to fall off. My microbladed brows scabbing came off gradually, so I have about 2 weeks of having patchy brows. My powder brows on the other hand came off like a strip. It was like the scab came off as a whole which I found out later from Annie, that this was unheard of.

Differences in the outcome

So now that both of the techniques done, and they’re healed, I can make a comparison as to which outcome I prefer. I found that my powder brows created more definition while microblading was more natural. As I look through old images and make a comparison, and seeing what’s on trend for brows, I much prefer the look of my powder brows as compared to microblading. There were slight inconsistencies which I suppose is what you are trying to achieve when you are achieving a natural look.

Powder brow Vs Microblading – The maintenance

Eyewonderlust Powder Brows vs Microblading - Powder Brows vs Microblading Brow Maintenance - Natural Microblading Brows

My first time getting microblading, my brows lasted around 2 years. When I got my powder brows, Annie said that this technique lasts longer as it is slightly deeper into the surface of the skin. Everybody’s ability to heal and how it absorbs the pigment will be different. Some tattoos will fade into different colours depending on which colours the body absorbs and also what skin tone you have to reflect what colours are left. So in saying this, I would say that microblading faded out more naturally  where it looked I had areas that was gappy. Powder brows on the other hand maintains its shape but fades out in colour before needing a top up.

I hope that helps a little to explain my experience with powder brows vs microblading. Send me an email or a DM on Instagram if you have any questions. Let me know your experience too!