About Grace

My love story for eyelash extensions stems back years ago when I was an actor.

As an actor, I have always been curious about what is it that make people intriguing, interesting, open, honest and real. In the same manner, I have wondered about what makes an actor connect with the truth that people feel so drawn to them?

It is all in the eyes. Our eyes are the first in engaging others, builds trust, connects and communicates truth in the most subtle or not so subtle way. Our eyes are wonders to our soul *wink. 

I started to get eyelash extensions initially for my TV roles [Wentworth, Offspring, Neighbours, Please Like Me, House Husbands], but soon realised how much more they were positively affecting my own everyday life. 

I saved so much time getting ready without all the hassle of fiddly make-up. As a mother of two, it gave me more time to fuss over more important things other than myself in the morning like school lunches (bleh!).

Eyelash extensions saved me time, and heck, I looked good while I had this parenthood thing under-control. It really changed my life. Sounds silly but any lash addict will attest to this. 

My initial training was with Xtreme Lashes, one of the leading eyelash extensions company in the USA, and when I was certified, I completed several Russian Volume courses with leading Master Trainers and Judges Frankie Widdows (Eyelash Excellence, United Kingdom), Joy Crossingham (LashJoy, Australia) and Loreta Jasilionyte (Flawless Lashes, UK)

I know my work proves its worth as I only strive for the highest quality of work and perfection in every set I do, and I was thrilled to have this confirmed with Joy stating that my "...work was already of a very high standard..." (*blush).

Perfection, transparency and trust is my philosophy. You will get no less from me. 

I am passionate about eyelash extensions because when I get lash extensions, I love it that it boosts my confidence and saves me so much time. I want just that for all my clients. I want my clients feeling confident and ready to take on the world. I want them to feel confident about themselves and of coarse in me and the work that I do. I strive for perfection - this meaning, a set of eyelash extensions that are damage-free, long-wearing and naturally beautiful with the use of premium and trusted products. I love to create the most natural looking and luscious lash extensions customised for every client. 

Time, care and service are my utmost values and I ensure all my clients' lashes achieve a look worthy of wonder...

Cheers, Grace Lee