Eyebrow Services

We offer cosmetic eyebrow tattooing and microblading for your brows here at Eyewonderlust. Our brow specialist is a multi-certified and licensed tattooist here in Melbourne, and overseas. Annie has trained with Master trainers from Russian and Vietnam, and has converted her certification with The Australian Skills Training Institute here in Melbourne. We offer 3 types of eyebrow services to help you achieve your perfect brow; Microblading, Powder ombre brows and Combination brows. 

Microblading | Feather Stroke

Microblading also known as feather stroke is a cosmetic tattoo procedure. The process involves implanting a chosen pigment shade into the top layers of the skin using a single-use disposable sterile hand tool. The procedure results in a semi-permenant tattoo that mimics the natural hairs on the brow and lasts up to 2 years depending on your skin type.

Powder Ombre Shading | Combination

Powder ombre shading is one of the newest cosmetic shading technique. It involves implanting pigments with a tattoo machine to create a soft, misty powder make-up look. With the ombre technique, different colour pigments are used to create the softer and more subtle shade in the centre front of the brow tapering to a darker, more defined eyebrow tail. This results in a natural clean make-up look that is more defined than microblading.

Combination brows as the name suggests is the combination of microblading and powder ombre brows. Hair like strokes will be used to fill in areas of the brows that are missing natural hairs focusing particularly in the centre front of the brow area. Powder ombre shading is then used over the top to create a more defined and clean tapered tail to your brows. This is one of the most popular eyebrow service options as it delivers the best results. 

Eyebrow Tattoo Client Review

I had my brows microbladed and shaded by Annie and was blown away by her depth of knowledge and professionalism. She listened attentively to my preferences, was very patient in explaining the details and took a lot of care and preparation to create my desired brow shape.
I first had my brows done three years ago so Annie did not have a perfect canvas to work on, as my old brows contained faded colour that turned red and “bled” out of the brow shape. Thankfully Annie is an expert in her craft and was able to create what I had in mind despite the setbacks! The pain was so much more bearable than my first experience and my brows healed fully within a week, which I think also had a lot to do with the high-quality post-treatment products Eyewonderlust provided. I love how natural and flattering my new brows look and how they frame my face, making me look well-groomed even before makeup!

— Su, Chadstone

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