Lash Root Lift | Eyelid Lift | Lash Extensions for Asian Monolid Crease

Our Lash Root Lift | Eyelid Lift | Asian Monolid Crease is a specialised technique. It is a patented technique developed by Nelly Soimonia from @Bordeaux.kx. It has proved to create amazing results. Our Master Lash Artist Grace is one of the only ten in Australia who are trained and certified in this technique. By only using eyelash extensions and this technique it can correct certain eyelid and lash issues.

Lash extensions for Heavy or droopy eyelids

As the lashes are lifted, we are able to change the fold of the eyelid making the eyes appear younger and less droopy.

Downward Facing Lashes

By correcting the lash trajectory and angle of lashes from the root, clients who normally wear L-curl and longer lengths can switch to a C curl and shorter length to get a more lifted look. This also removes the eyelash extensions ‘shadow’ that many downward facing lash clients see when wearing eyelash extensions from other salons using the traditional technique.


Lash extensions for Asymmetrically shaped eyes

This technique allows us to map and balance the shape of the eyes. It also creates a more defined eyelid to balance the size of the eyes.

Lash extensions for Asian Monolids

Using this technique with a Russian Volume set creates the best results of a more defined double eyelid crease. In doing so, it opens up the size of the eyes.