What is an Unlimited Lash Refill Membership?

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What does a “Unlimited Lash Refill” Membership include?

This membership is a monthly subscription for lash refills. This membership is includes:

  • 2 (60min) refills per 4 week cycle
  • 10% discount on retail products
  • Consistency – Same day, same time
  • Unlimited 15-30 min Top Up refills as needed between the regularly scheduled appointments
  • Advanced priority booking allocation (3 months of booked appointments)
  • Complimentary removals with any new sets


Who would a membership benefit?

If you are a lash client who:

  • loves regular lash appointments (same day/same time)
  • is looking for value
  • wants to have lashes always looking the best
  • have a regular work and life schedule

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What days can I book my refill appointments?

Membership refill bookings are available for Mon-Fri 9am-8pm.

Do my unused lash refill appointments rollover?

No they do not. Every 4 week cycle, your 2 lash refill appointments are reset. We recommend a 60 min refill every 2 weeks to keep your lashes healthy

How are my refill appointments booked?

You will be given first priority to pick a regular day and time. These appointments will be booked in advance for 3 months (12 weeks).

How many top up refills can I make?

You can book in as many top up refills as needed. Please do not abuse this. We have to right to cancel any memberships from clients who abuse this system.

How do I book top up refills?

2 Top up refills can be booked online as you would make any booking normally or you can contact us via sms so that we can find a time suitable time. These can only be made during the week in which it is needed.

How much is a membership?

This depends on which level lash artist you would like to book with.

  • Senior lash Artist | $160 every 4 weeks
  • Master lash artist | $200 every 4 weeks

How do you charge for a membership?

All subscription fees are charged automatically on a recurring 4 week basis from the day that it is set up. If it was set up on a Monday, your next membership charge will be at the 4th Monday after.

I want to pay cash, can I still get a membership?

Yes you can. We will have to set it up manually in the studio. Please speak to Grace regarding setting this up.

Can I choose my favourite lash artist?

Yes you can. This is one of the benefits of your membership. You can select which technician you have a preference for.

How long is this membership for?

This is an unlimited membership until it is cancelled. Membership cancellations require 4 weeks notice.