Learn More About Eyelash Extensions At Eyewonderlust

At Eyewonderlust, we focus solely on eyelash extensions, as we believe this is a skill that is mastered with time, care and experience.

Eyelash extensions give you the look of thicker and longer lashes. If you have a busy and active lifestyle (or if you just want to focus on more important things than your beauty regime). They could change your life. When professionally designed by a certified eyelash extensions technician at Eyewonderlust, they will up your eyes and frame your face. You can use our easy online booking system to get classic or volume eyelash extensions at our studio in Glen Waverley, Melbourne.

Meet Grace

Lash Artist (Master) and Trainer

Grace has been lashing since 2014 and holds 4 certifications by Xtreme LashesEyelash ExcellenceLash Joy and Flawless Lashes for Classic and Russian Volume Lashes. After running her successful home eyelash extensions business, she found her passion in teaching, coaching and mentoring other lash technicians which drove her to open up a studio in Glen Waverley.

“I want my clients to feel confident about themselves, in me and the work that I do. The perfection I strive for in every set of eyelash extensions making sure that they are damage-free, long-wearing and naturally beautiful with the use of premium and trusted products. I love to create the most natural looking and luscious lash extensions customised for every client. Time, care and service are my utmost values and I ensure that Eyewonderlust exudes this too.”

Meet Erika

Lash Artist (Senior)

Erika is from Japan and started lashing in 2017 under the mentorship of Grace. She was a stand out applicant as she proved to have a strong work ethic and care for her clients. Under the guidance of Grace, her precision of skill is an invaluable asset to Eyewonderlust and has moved on quickly to master Russian Volume. Her distinct style is delicate, light and natural. She is very conscientious on keeping weights light and as safe as possible to the natural lash.

Meet Annie

Lash Artist (Senior)

Annie just recently joined us at Eyewonderlust and has been lashing since before her three year old son was born. Annie has several international certifications in classic and Russian Volume. She is intently genuine in providing the best service and lashes for her clients. Her preferred style of lashes is bolder and has an eye for detail to styling perfect symmetry where she analyses her styling after each appointment for improvement. Annie also has a passion for eyebrows which we will soon add to our services.