Learn more about our lash extensions PRICES and TEAM

We believe in quality and care. Our lash artists as we call family, have been carefully added to reflect our values and have at least 3 years minimum of experience. Other salons standards will differ, naming “Senior stylists” who would only have one year experience. 

When you are regularly maintaining your lash extensions, feeling comfortable with your lash artist is important to us. We want you to be confident in the work that they do.

You can choose between our lash artists:

  • Grace – Master Trainer / Master Lash Artist (Lashing since 2015)
  • Erika – Senior Lash Artist (Lashing since 2017)
  • Annie – Master Brow Artist / Senior Lash Artist (Lashing since 2016)

Lash services pricing


Everyday lash extensions


New Set

Classic, Hybrid or Volume


Recommended every 2-3 weeks

3 x Refills Package

Save $60


Lash Lifts | InLei Lash Filler


First Session


3 x Sessions Package

Clinically tested recommended number of sessions



Asian Monolid Lifts | Lash Root Lift |Eyelid Crease


New Set

Available for Hybrid or Volume for best results


Recommended 3-4 weeks

Eyebrow cosmetic tattoo services pricing

Microblading | Feather Tattoo | Ombre brows


Total Cost

3 easy payments (Find out more here)

Brow Refresh

< 3 months $90
3-6 months $170
6-12 months $240
12-18 months $320
18-24 months $420